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If you are here during a full moon, the park will open so you can see a moonbow over Victoria Falls at night. In order to capture it, you will need a good camera. You can see it clearly with your eyes though. The cost for the park at night is 20 USD.
Here is one of the villages in Zambia.
Go to Rapid 7 to get a great view at sunset. I went here a few times. We brought wine and s’mores and made a small campfire as we listened to music and enjoyed each other’s company.
Sunset cruise on the Zambezi River. We paid a guy 40USD each for the private ride. It included drinks and snacks. However, the main sunset cruises are 80USD. You can see hippos in the river!
Take the Boiling Point hike from Victoria Falls down to get closer to the water and a close-up of the bridge. From here you can watch people bungee jumping, swinging, and zip-lining. Along the trail there are a ton of baboons so do not have any food out or it will be theirs!
You can get a poncho from the vendors outside of the park for free if you agree to come check out their shop afterward. This is much needed, especially during wet season!
Our group loved finding places to watch the sunset. We came to the lookout treehouse a few times. It is close to Rapid 7 and the Royal Livingstone Hotel.
Having a drink at the Royal Livingstone Hotel. This is another great place to come and chill. You will often find zebra or other animals roaming around the pool area. This is also the meeting location for Angels Pool and Devils Pool.
Beautiful sunset on the Zambezi River from the Royal Livingstone Hotel.
A painter at the tourist market. I purchased a painting from him. He is very kind and does not pressure you!
View of Victoria Falls from the Bridge.
The Waterfront Bar and Restaurant is another option to watch the sunset on the Zambezi River.
Chilling and listening to my friends play music at Cafe Zambezi. This is a great location to go for a free swim in their pool. They have bands play frequently. We often went there to have a drink before going to Fez Bar, the nightclub across the street. Cafe Zambezi has two for one cocktails on Friday nights.
Sitting on the edge of Victoria Falls before I went into Angel’s Pool.
Swimming in Angel’s Pool. Angel’s Pool is open from August to January. It is open a little longer than Devil’s Pool, which was still closed when I was there due to the high water level.
On the edge of Victoria Falls.
I purchased the Big Air Experience for 205 USD. This included the zipline, swing, and bungee jump activities. They are supposed to be done in one day but I know someone who broke them up into two consecutive days with a little persuasion. The photos and videos was an extra 80USD. The bridge connects Zambia to Zimbabwe. You do not need to pay for a visa since you will not be crossing. You will only need to get a bridge pass so bring your passport for the activity.
Zip Lining
Bungee Jumping
Gorge Swing
15-minute Microlight Flight over Victoria Falls. What a breathtaking view! The 15-minute flight is 155USD and the 30 minute flight is 340USD.
Getting close up to the tigers! I did the cheetah, lion, and elephant combo for $140. If you only want to do the lion walk, it is 50USD.
Laying with the cheetah. They are just like cats! If you only want to do the cheetah interaction/walk, it is $50.
Walking the cheetah, or I should say it is walking me.
Snuggling the lion.
Walking the lions. No, there is no tranquilizer or guns for the “what if’s”
Lion Cub
Feeding my elephant after riding it. If you only want to do the elephant ride, it is $85.
Elephant ride.
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