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Dublin is a great city with one of the best atmosphere’s in Europe. If you like to hang out with the locals and socialize with other tourists, Dublin is the place to go! Everyone there is super friendly and excited to have a great time! I have been to Dublin one time and plan to go back in a couple weeks for St. Patrick’s Day…so excited for that experience! Here is what I think you should see and do to your trip to Dublin (in no particular order). I suggest 3-4 days if you want to get everything done in one visit. I would also like to add that this city is extremely easy to get around in. The buses will help get you into the city and could help getting from point to point (pay exact change when you get on the bus), but I think that most of the places, you will want to walk and see things along the way.

1. Trinity College & College Green – A walk around this beautiful college is a great way to spend an hour. You can possibly stop in the park and have a picnic if it is a beautiful day. There are usually college kids playing sports in the fields. While you are there, you can pay to visit the library and see the famous Book of Kells Exhibition. The Book of Kells is one of Ireland’s greatest cultural treasure and one of the world’s most famous medieval manuscript.

2. St. Stephen’s Green- This is also a leisurely activity while you are in Dublin. It is a park with a few ponds and a place to take a nice walk in the park. If you are in Dublin for just a day or two, I would skip this.

3. Temple Bar- This is an entire area that you will find great beer and lots of people. While I was here, we went to Temple Bar a couple of times. On occasion, they only let people 21+ in the bars.

4. Dublin Castle- Don’t go here expecting a huge castle, since only part of it is left standing. A tour, that is included in the ticket price, will show you around the grounds of the castle and take you underground. It was a great piece of history from 1204.

5. Christ Church Cathedral- Down the road from the castle is Christ Church Cathedral. This is a beautiful cathedral! I would like to mention that it is 6 Euros to enter, which was the most expensive cathedral I’ve paid to enter, but I didn’t mind paying that much for a church. This cathedral allows access to a lot, including the crypt.

6. St. Patrick’s Cathedral- This was another beautiful cathedral. We walked around the outside and took in its beauty. Since we just got done with the Christ Church Cathedral, we decided not to go in. I think I will go in on my next visit.

7. Guinness Storehouse- This is probably the most visited attraction in Dublin. I am not a beer drinker so I did not appreciate it as much as others, but it was definitely a cool experience. Everyone who isn’t a fan of Guinness has said that they love it in Dublin. This brewery experience tells the tale of Ireland’s famous beer, with tastings, a pouring lesson, and a rooftop bar with a complimentary beer. The restaurants are also very good. I recommend the beef stew.

8. Old Jameson Distillery- This is also a stop for whiskey lovers. A visit to this original distillery will allow you to discover, eat, and shop. It offers guided tours and is open 7 days a week. It also has a dinner and show experience from May to October. 

9. Celtic Nights Show (Arlington Hotel)- See Irish dancing and songs while you eat an Irish meal. The shows are every night at 8:30 P.M.

10. Pub Crawl- Follow musicians from bar to bar.

11. Grafton Street- If you are up for shopping, this is the place to do it. There are also street performers that I must say are pretty entertaining!

12. Abbey Theatre- Visit Ireland’s national theatre for a dramatic date. 

13. Wax Museum- This would be great fun for all. As I mentioned in a previous blog, I have been to the wax museum in Paris but was unable to go to the one in Dublin while I was there. I plan to make it a stop on my next trip. 

If you have time to take day trips out of the city, I recommend Cork or the Cliffs of Moher or even Belfast, Northern Ireland. 

Hotel: Metro Hotel Dublin Airport
This was a lovely hotel with a shuttle to and from the airport (small fee). It was a great location. The bus stops right near the hotel and takes about 10 minutes to get to the city center. 

Hotel: Waterside House Hotel
This hotel is right on the water. Most of the hotels near the city were already sold out or super expensive for St. Patty’s Day week. This hotel also offers a shuttle from the airport.

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