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Caves on the way to Comino island
Where the boat drops you off at Comino island
Crystal clear blue water at the Blue Lagoon
Taking in the view from the rocks
Walking along the edge
Saw the tower in the distance so decided to walk to it
So many lizards in Malta
St. Mary’s Tower
Historic fortified stone watchtower, offering commanding ocean views from its perch.
Clouds started to roll in but it was still a gorgeous day
St. Mary’s Tower was built in 1618. The tower was used by the Armed Forces of Malta until 2002, and it is now in the hands of  Din-l-Art-Helwa.
The tower is a prominent landmark of Comino, and can be clearly seen from both Malta and Gozo, as well as from the ferry between the islands. 
Thought we’d do a little rock climbing
The very tiny beach at the Blue Lagoon. The water was too cold for us in March but it didn’t stop some people.
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