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I took the 2 day / 1 Night Chobe Safari Trip. It cost $265. The first half of the day we took a boat cruise in Chobe National Park. We had lunch on the boat as we watched elephants drinking from the river.
The first animal we saw up close was an elephant swimming across the river. He swam directly in front of our boat. This was an amazing way to start the safari!
After the boat cruise, we got into our safari jeeps to explore on land. Elephants got up very close to the jeeps
The leopard was my favorite animal to watch. We watched him wake up in the tree. He came down and we followed him for a little while before he went into the bushes.
Riding to our campsite at sunset.
Our campsite for the night. We had dinner. After, we sat around and talked while listening to the sound of nature. We slept in tents and heard lions and elephants in the middle of the night. We woke up to a ton of elephants walking right next to our camp.
I got up on the roof of the jeep to stargaze.
The colorful birds were one of my favorites!
Trying to channel my inner “Eliza Thornberry”
Lions relaxing in the shade.
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