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Christmas markets have become a favorite thing of mine to visit during the holidays. This time I went to see the markets in Brussels, Belgium. While I was there for three days, I explored the city. I really liked the atmosphere. They spoke great English and were very friendly.
Favorite thing: The WAFFLES!!! Oh my goodness! I crave them all the time now. I’m dying to go back to have another 🙂

Here is what we managed to do in 3 days (in order of our trip – not favorite to least favorite):

1. Place Sainte Catherine- Christmas Market

2. Musee Royal de l’armee – Military Museum
Highly recommend this to any interested in the military or war history 

3. Autoworld – Car Museum
So many cars, new and old!!!

4. Hotel de Ville Town Hall
Grand Place Medieval Square 
One of the most breathtaking views of a town square. The lights were changing as the music played.

5. Les Galleries Saint Hubert – Shops and Museum

6. St. Michael & Gudula Cathedral

7. Notre Dame du Sablon Church

Have to add pictures of the waffles and beer. I would add a picture of the chocolate too, as everyone I was with said it’s to die for, but I don’t like chocolate…I know, I’m weird.

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