Bucket List Challenge

“That’s on my bucket list!” is one of the most common phrases heard today for the desire of a new life experience sometime down the road. A bucket list is a list of goals to be accomplished and a way to see how much of your life has been spent living! Though more often than not, no one actually has a tangible copy to check things off on. I created mine when I was in high school and have been keeping up with it ever since. There’s hardly anything more satisfying than being able to place a checkmark next to things I’ve always wanted to do. However, my bucket list will never truly be complete, because each adventure I take opens my eyes to endless possibilities of experiences yet to be had. Everyone has different goals, interests, and lifestyles, so your bucket list will be different from my own. But let’s see how many items you’ve accomplished from my list of 200! Let me know how many you’ve checked off and what you hope to accomplish next by posting in the comment section below!!

Check off any of these that you have done in your life. Ever!




Personal Goals


Thank you for completing the Bucket List challenge!!


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  1. 114/200.. still got loads to do but like you said, each adventure brings more possibilities! Fun quiz.

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